Amazing Diurnal Ranges Valleys of Western Wyoming

Amazing Diurnal Ranges Valleys of Western Wyoming

The very dry airmass, clear skies and calm nighttime winds have resulted in very favorable conditions  for large diurnal temperatures ranges across Western Wyoming the past several days.  Rises in temperatures from sunrise to peak afternoon heating in excess of 50 degrees have been common in the lower valley locations such as along the Salt River in Star Valley.

Today saw extreme ranges from frost at sunrise to mid summer like temperature by early afternoon  in some locations.  Following is a list of the more notable temperature ranges today.

Bondurant    High 84  Low 24    60 degree range

Double L Ranch(nw of Etna)  High 86 Low 28  58 degree range

Pixley(south of Cokeville)  High 82  Low 25   57 degree range

Jackson   High 85   Low 30  55 degree range

Of  particular note was Peters Sink west of Bear Lake in Northern Utah where the morning low was 18 warming some 57 degrees to a high of 75 this afternoon.


Following is the graph of temperatures and humidity for the past week at the Double L Ranch in Star Valley


7 Day temperature and humidity for Double L Ranch