Star Valley Ranch Winter Snowfall and Drought Update

Star Valley Ranch Winter Snowfall and Drought Update

March 2021 produced well below normal precipitation/snow in Star Valley Ranch.  After a February that ended up with 7 feet of snow the change in the storm track to south of Star Valley provided a needed winter break.  Now that it is April typically the winter snow season is behind us (there can still be significant snows (even into May as Valley residents are aware) however any additional snow should quickly melt away under the strong spring sun.


Below is a March summary for the past 5 years of both snowfall and total precipitation at Star Valley Ranch.

March Snow/Precipitation 2017-2021  blue snow/red precipitation

March Snow and Precipitation for Star Valley Ranch WY

Year                          Snow             Precipitation   inches

2021                          10.6                      .57

2020                          22.5                   2.19

2019                          23.3                    2.12

2018                          35.7                    2.75

2017                           17.2                   2.81


Of more importance is the Winter snowfall for the Water Year that begins on Oct 1 each year.


Following is the data for the last 5 years for the period from Oct 1  -March 31


Snow/precipitation Oct 1-March 31  blue snow/red precipitation

Oct 1-March 31 Snow/precipitation Oct 1-March 31

Year                      Snow                   Precipitation  inches

2021                        178                       11.78

2020                       216                       15.11

2019                       192                        15.72

2018                       164                        14.97

2017                       219                        24.43

Regarding the notable drought conditions over much of the west, Star Valley so far is doing ok.  Following are the charts indicating where the drought stands across the west including Wyoming.  While our area is not far from average conditions, just to the south into Utah and from there south and west through Arizona and California, there exist extreme to exceptional drought

Drought Map

Just looking at Wyoming again the central part of the state is under extreme drought conditions while the western counties and southeast counties(Thanks to the mammoth snow  storm last month around Cheyenne) are faring well with only a little drier than normal.

Wyoming Drought Map