Winter So Far In Star Valley

Winter So Far In Star Valley

While the official start of winter is still a few days off,  Star Valley has been experiencing winter like conditions for better than a month. Snow fall has been measured at the Star Valley Snow Gauge since the 3rd of November.


Star Valley Snow Gauge December 10 2022

Here is a listing of both precipitation and total snowfall around the Valley since the beginning of the water year on Oct. 1 2022 until December 10th.


Station                     Precipitation (in.)  Snowfall (in.)

Star Valley Ranch    5.28                          64.5

Bedford                      4.88                          56.1

Thayne                       4.42                          47.6

Smoot                         4.19                          58.0

Nordic Ranch            3.95                          40.5

Afton                           3.49                          32.2

Comparing previous years for the same interval of time at the Star Valley  Ranch weather station suggests that there have been wetter years in the recent past.


Star Valley Weather Station precipitation and snowfall totals for following years from Oct 1-December 10th.

Year           Precipitation(in)    Snowfall(in)

2022                  5.28                  64.5

2021                   5.59                  15.7

2020                   2.84                 26.7

2019                   4.05                  43.9

2018                   5.93                45.3

2017                   6.21                  32.7

2016                   9.75                 65.3

2015                   5.34                 31.2


The water equivalent in the snow pack of the surrounding mountains is above normal, with the amounts increasing westward.