Winter Snowfall thus Far at Star Valley Ranch

Winter Snowfall thus Far at Star Valley Ranch

Last year Star Valley Ranch had record amounts of snow. So far this winter  we appear to be experiencing closer to normal amounts.  As of February 1st comparing the last 3 winters snow totals follow:

2023-2024         99.2 inches

2022-2023        143.4 inches

2021-2022          91.7 inches\

Of interest so far the greatest snow depth at Star Valley Ranch this winter has been 33 inches on January 18th.

Last winter the greatest snow depth was 40 inches on the 29th of January, while for winter 2021-22 the maximum depth was 25 on the 6th of January 2022.


Star Valley has been fortunate so far this winter as overall precipitation is running above normal unlike many surrounding areas  including eastern Lincoln County.