Other Than Wednesday, a Quiet Weather Week is in the Offing

Other Than Wednesday, a Quiet Weather Week is in the Offing

Clouds began returning to the skies of Star Valley late Sunday afternoon.  Overall it was a cool but very sunny weekend.  Clouds are the forerunners of a rather weak disturbance which will be crossing mainly north of Star Valley tonight and Monday morning.  While there is the possibility of a few snow flurries  toward morning, the main effect of the clouds will be to provide an insulating blanket and keep overnight temperatures well above zero.

High pressure takes over again by Monday night leading to a very pleasant and generally sunny Tuesday.  The next storm of interest is expected to be much stronger and approach the Pacific Northwest states Tuesday from the Gulf of Alaska.  The following sequence of forecasted 500 mb Charts show the expected evolution of this system during the week.

Tuesday Evening
Wednesday Evening
Thursday Evening

If this model scenario verifies, which seems likely as several models are in close  agreement, then Wednesday will be the stormy day of  the coming workweek.  Colder but generally fair weather returns as high pressure moves in and the developing upper low that effects Star Valley on Wednesday settles southward into the desert Southwest. It  is still too early to determine the snow potential for Wednesday.

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