Star Valleys Natural Air Conditioning

Star Valleys Natural Air Conditioning

One of the many benefits living in Star Valley WY is much of the summer there is little need to supplement the natural air conditioning available.  As in the past few days when afternoon temperatures are rising to some of the warmest of the summer, the very strong nighttime  radiational cooling provides ample time to cool down the interior of most homes.  The key is to open the windows around sunset and then shut them during the rapid warm-up time during the morning.

The following are graphs from around Star Valley of the temperatures the past two days  under clear skies and low humidities which allow the 45-50 degree ranges from maximums to minimums each day.

Thayne Elementary School

Star Valley Ranch

Additionally here is a plot of observed minimum temperatures on July 9 2014.

Maximums observed on Tuesday July 8 2014