New Web Cams for Star Valley Ranch

New Web Cams for Star Valley Ranch

With many thanks to Bob Strobel for not only providing two Star Dot Cameras but also installing them at the Public Works Building on Star Valley Ranch, there are now views available in 4 differing directions at Star Valley Ranch.

The most recent camera just installed views southeast across the Lost Creek area of the Salt  Range.

Additionally a cam  with  a view east toward Cedar Creek Canyon was installed

The original cam on the Public Works building was installed in 2011 and has a view toward Caribou mountain on the west side of Star Valley.

Bob Strobel has also available on his web site a view to the north at a location adjacent but actually just outside of the Star Valley Ranch town limits.

All four of these views are available on the  first row of cams on web camera link

For the use of this web cam site go to the blog that was posted a couple years ago describing its many capabilities.