Star Valley Summer Summary

Star Valley Summer Summary

Now that it is September with Fall fast approaching, it is a good time to look back at some of the data from the Star Valley summer.  The hottest period was the end of June with a late July frost/freeze in some of the colder valley locations.

Thayne Elementary School recorded the hottest temperature in the valley on the 29th of June when the mercury hit 100. Thayne ES and the Double L Ranch station both dipped below freezing.  Thayne ES was 31 on the morning of August 23rd, while Double L also had a 31 on July 28th.  Upper 20s and frost  occurred at many colder valley locations on July 28th.

Rainfall was spread throughout the 3 summer months with generally near or a little more than 5 inches measured much of the valley.  Following are some of the statistics from the observing sites.

Station                  High          Date         Low         Date
Thayne ES            100          June 29       31           Aug 23
Etna  ES                 97          June 29       32           Jul 28/Aug 23
Star Valley Ranch  91          June 29       35           Jul 28
Bedford 2S             91          June 29       34           Jul 28
Double L Ranch     94          June 29       31           Jul 28

Precipitation June/July/August
Star Valley Ranch    5.58
Bedford  3SE            5.10
Smoot 5S                  4.99
Thayne 1SE               4.88