Snake River Reservoir System Filling Up Rapidly

Snake River Reservoir System Filling Up Rapidly

Palisades Reservoir

The Huge Winter Snow pack in the mountains of Western Wyoming is supporting the very high runoff in the Snake River System.  All the reservoirs  on the Snake are, or shortly, will be full. 
Snake River  Water Storage System Status June 23 2017

The total water storage  in the Snake River System is approaching capacity

Palisades  Reservoir has increased from just 8% in early May to 96% as of June 24, 2017.  At this rate Palisades
will likely be full by the end of June.

As can be seen in the following graphics,  runoff is continuing high in the Snake, Grey’s and Salt Rivers. With the warm weather would expect much of the snow pack to be mostly gone by the end of June, with the river levels dropping.