Dry Fall Weather Ahead

Dry Fall Weather Ahead

With the dissipation of the snow showers Sunday evening across Star Valley it brings to an end a very wet 30 day period.  Star Valley Ranch has measured 5 inches of precipitation since the 8th of September. However it now appears that the jet stream pattern will be adjusting with much of the storm activity tracking mainly to the north of Western Wyoming the next couple of weeks.

There will be fast moving cold fronts crossing the mountain west during much of the remainder of October, for the most part they will be dry but windy.  Unlike the last few weeks, it appears like sunshine will be a frequent visitor to Western Wyoming, particularly this coming work week.

Beyond this week the forecasts are calling for cool and dry conditions.

Temperature Forecasts October 14-18 2017
Precipitation for period October 4-18 2017

Looking ahead toward the latter half  of October continued dry conditions cover much of the area.

Precipitation Probability Oct 21-Nov.  3 2017

Temperature Probability Oct 21- Nov 3 2017

The skill of forecasting, particularly precipitation, degrades  certainly beyond a week, however it is interesting to see the computer model forecast of accumulated precipitation over the next 16 days.
Totals for the next two plus weeks are generally less than an inch except for the high country in Northwest Wyoming.