2017 Star Valley Ranch Weather Summary

2017 Star Valley Ranch Weather Summary


Overlooking Star Valley Ranch October 3 2017

Following are some of the weather highlights at Star Valley Ranch WY for 2017.  The precipitation is measured at the Cocorahs site located on  Vista Drive near the National Forest Boundary.  The temperature and wind data is observed by the Davis Weather Station located on top of the Public Works vehicle  garage near Fox Run Park.

Total Precipitation                 33.68 inches

Greatest snow depth                41 inches on February 8th

Total Snowfall                          228 inches

Greatest 24 hour snowfall       16 inches observed at 8am on December 23

Wettest 24 hours                       1.24 inches observed at 8am on November  4th

Total number of days with .01 inches or greater     166 days

A trace of precipitation was observed on an additional 46 days. (Only 153 days were precipitation free)

The longest period with no precipitation including a trace was 10 days which occurred twice,  July 29-August 7 and October 23-November 1

The driest period  was from August 16-September 9(27 days)  when only .10 was measured

Highest wind gust 58 mph on May 6th at 2:35 pm

Highest Temperature 93 on July 5th

Lowest Temperature -17 on January 6th

Number of days of maximum 90 or higher 2

Number of days of minimum zero and below 7