Summer Heat Peaked in Star Valley Saturday

Summer Heat Peaked in Star Valley Saturday

This Saturday saw temperatures climb to levels not seen in quite some time across Western Wyoming and Southeast Idaho including Star Valley.


Following is a map of the maximum temperatures across the area for Saturday afternoon.

Maximum temperatures Saturday August 11 2018

A large upper high has parked right over Wyoming on Saturday, resulting in the warm to hot temperatures, nearly clear skies and light winds.


500 MB analysis August 11 2018


Some notable highs were reached at some of the local weather stations Saturday Afternoon.

Maximum at Etna Elementary was 101.5, warmest at the site going back to when it was established in 2011.

Maximum at Star Valley Ranch was 93.7, second warmest next to 94.3 on August 8 2012.  Station record also goes back to 2011

Maximum at Thayne Elementary was 97.4, second only to the 97.7 on July 18 2017.  Station record also back to 2011.

Maximum at Bedford 2S of 94.6 warmest on record going back to 2015

Finally at the Double L station northwest of Etna along the Salt River a new record was set with 96.2. Station records go back to 2012.

In addition at the Double L station the afternoon maximum was nearly 60 degrees above the 37 recorded at sunrise.