Summer Showers Finally Reach Star Valley

Summer Showers Finally Reach Star Valley

After a very dry two months an upper air disturbance initiated widespread showers and thunderstorms across Star Valley Wednesday.  Small hail  was reported with up to the size of dimes reported in the Turnerville during one of the stronger storms around 3pm. The storms did reduce some, the smoke across the valley, but unfortunately this is only temporary as the smoke sources are the many fires still active upstream from Wyoming.


Active Fires August 23 2018

The precipitation from Wednesday’s showers was general over and west of the Salt and Wyoming Ranges westward into adjacent areas of Idaho.


Precipitation for August 22 2018

The next chart shows how much has fallen over the same area for the 60 day period ending Wednesday.  It was been a very dry summer across much of the Southwest quarter of Wyoming and Southeast Idaho including Star Valley.

60 day precipitation totals ending August 23 2018


Following are precipitation reports from Wednesdays showers.

Alpine Airport                     .61

5 SSE Smoot                        .59

Smoot                                    .56

Star Valley Ranch              .45

Double L Ranch                 .44

Bedford                                .42

1.5 SE Thayne                     .41

Etna ES                                .37

Thayne ES                          .30