April 2019 Star Valley Weather Summary

April 2019 Star Valley Weather Summary

April was another above normal precipitation month for Star Valley. However there were no unusually warm or cold periods. The coldest morning by far was the 1st day of April.  Double L dipped to 11 above on the 1st with 13 at Bedford and 15 at Afton.  The remainder of the month the minimums remained above 20 throughout Star Valley.

Most stations realized their higher temperature on the 20th. Etna Elementary School topped out at 73 and 71 at Thayne Elementary School.  At Star Valley Ranch the high for the month was 66 on the 19th.

Again it was a wet month. Star Valley Ranch measured 3.92, followed by the 3.56 at the Cocorahs site just south of Thayne.  Afton measured 2.78 with the Cocorahs site south of Smoot ended up with 2.76.

Snowfall of a least a trace was reported on 13 days of the month at Star Valley Ranch however total for April was just over 7 inches.  The final day of measured snow depth was the 20th at Star Valley Ranch while the Smoot station still had 5 inches on the ground at the end of April. While Star Valley Ranch ended up with 168 consecutive days of snow cover the observer south of Smoot has reached 179 days of snow cover and counting!


Following are graphs of stations around  the valley of daily precipitation:

Afton Daily Precipitation April 2019


Bedford 3SE precipitation April 2019
Smoot 5 SSE daily precipitation April 2019
Star Valley Ranch daily precipitation April 2019


It is of interest to note the much greater precipitation that occurs over the nearby Salt Range:

Willow Creek SNOTEL daily precipitation April 2019
Cottonwood SNOTEL daily precipitation April 2019


Following are graphs of the daily temperatures  around the valley:

Afton daily temperatures, normals and records for April 2019
Bedford 3SE daily temperatures, normals and records April 2019


Looking at all of Wyoming in April 2019:

Percentage departure from normal precipitation April 2019
Temperature departure from normal April 2019