Snowfall Update February 24 2021

Snowfall Update February 24 2021

Thanks to a snowy February the snow pack has substantially improved in Star Valley Ranch. As of Wednesday February 24 the monthly snowfall  total  is 73.8 inches with a water content of 3.87 inches.  This was generally the case throughout  Star Valley and surrounding  mountains this month. Following are photos of the Snow Stake at Star Valley Ranch on January 1st and again on February 24th.

Jan 1st Star Valley Snow Stake


Feb 24 Star Valley Snow Stake

Following are the observations on February 24 for the past 5 years at Star Valley Ranch. The water year begins on Oct. 1st.


Year                       Snow Depth(in)            Season Snow Total(in)     Precipitation Total(in)

 2021                            41                                       160                                    10.95  

2020                             37                                      193                                    12.88

2019                             37                                      160                                    13.05

2018                             17                                       122                                   11.93

2017                             38                                      200                                   21.52


Surprisingly considering the actual snow depth is the greatest on this date in the last 5 years,  actual  water year totals are the least which includes both rain and melted snow  The winter of 2016-2017 was substantially wetter including  snowfall.