Very Strong Winds Friday, However Quiet Weather Ahead

Very Strong Winds Friday, However Quiet Weather Ahead

As expected a fast moving trough of low pressure intensified as it crossed Western Wyoming Friday afternoon, producing some very strong winds and briefly near blizzard conditions.  Here is a list of strongest reported gusts Friday:

Mt. Coffin                   108 mph  (10,800 ft)
Jackson Hole Summit    72 mph  (10,300 ft)
Alpine                           51 mph
Star Valley Ranch          50 mph
Thayne                          42 mph

This evenings 300 mb analysis(30,000 ft) clearing shows the strongest jet stream crossing the area from the northwest where winds were in excess of 130 mph at its core.

300 mb (30,000 ft) Friday Evening Nov. 25 2011

While actual new snow in the valley was generally less than 2 inches, the strong winds produced briefly near blizzard conditions.

Rapid clearing has occurred this evening as high pressure spreads across the area. As the winds diminish temperatures are falling.  As of 9pm Thayne ES had already dipped to 7 above and by sunrise the coldest  Star Valley locations likely will be at least a couple degrees below zero.

High pressure will dominate for the next several days with the next threat of any significant precipitation not expected until at least next Wednesday, if then.   Here is a model depiction of the precipitation that is forecasted through next Tuesday.

GFS Model Forecasted Precipitation from Saturday until Tuesday.

Today’s storm in Wyoming will become a big precipitation producer in the eastern U.S.  Heavy storms will continue to hammer the Pacific Northwest coast northward into Canada.  High pressure will protect our part of the country from any storm activity.