How Warm Was It in Star Valley on March 31?

How Warm Was It in Star Valley on March 31?

Star Valley experienced the warmest day since last October.  Some of the valley highs on Saturday were:

Alpine                        71 
Etna Elementary         68
Osmond Elementary   68
Auburn                       67
Thayne Elementary     66
Afton                         66
Smoot                        65

Star Valley Ranch       64

Even at Salt River Summit the high reached 64.
These temperatures were some of the warmest on record for the month of March.

Officially at the Bedford Climatological station the highest ever recorded in the month of March was on the 31st in 2004 when  71 was reached.

There were all time high temperatrues set for March at the following locations:

Salt Lake City UT                     80
Rock Springs WY                     72
Casper  WY                             77

Many cities, both in Idaho and Wyoming, set daily high temperature records as well.

Saturday evening’s 500 mb analysis portends  a big change in store for Sunday as the trough moving onto the west coast brings much colder air across the area.

500 mb analysis Saturday evening 3/31/12

This trough will be across western Wyoming southward to Arizona by Sunday evening, with much of the energy passing to the south of Star Valley.

The model forecast of precipitation with this system is rather unimpressive,  as the trough is preceded by such a warm and quite dry air mass.

24 hour precipitation ending Sunday evening 4/1/12

While temperatures will be as much as 30 degrees colder Sunday afternoon in Star Valley, the precipitation which will accompany the cold front later tonight and continuing on Sunday should be limited.  Showers should turn to snow shortly after the cold front passes by sunrise Sunday.  Accumulations should be insignificant.

High pressure brings fair and cool weather into Star Valley the first couple days of the coming work week.  Toward the end of the week a new trough will lead to a potential of rain and snow moving back into western Wyoming.