Snow Facts

Snow Facts

Snow has diminished to flurries this Tuesday evening in the wake of the Fall’s first storm in Western Wyoming.  Here is a list of reported snow totals Monday night and Tuesday courtesy of Riverton Forecast Office.

October 22-23 2012 Snowfall Totals

County Station Name Snowfall
Fremont Hobbs Park Snotel 16
Fremont Cold Springs Snotel 13
Fremont Little Warm Snotel 10
Fremont Deer Park Snotel 7
Fremont Brooks Lake Lodge 7
Fremont Burroughs Creek Snotel 5
Fremont South Pass Snotel 4
Fremont St. Lawrence Alt Snotel 3
Fremont Castle Creek Snotel 3
Fremont Townsend Creek Snotel 2
Fremont Dubois 2
Hot Springs Owl Creek Snotel 2
Lincoln 1 SW Kemmerer 9
Lincoln Commissary Ridge (9330 FT) 9
Lincoln 10 W Kemmerer 8
Lincoln Indian Creek Snotel 8
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide Snotel 7
Lincoln Willow Creek Snotel 7
Lincoln Kemmerer 6
Lincoln 21 NNW Kemmerer 5.5
Lincoln Kelley Ranger Station Snotel 5
Lincoln Afton 4.8
Lincoln 5 NNE Thayne/Star Valley Ranch 4.5
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit Snotel 4
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit 4
Lincoln Turnerville 4
Lincoln 5 SSE Smoot 4
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek Snotel 3
Lincoln Hams Fork Snotel 3
Lincoln 1 N Kemmerer 3
Lincoln Salt River Summit Snotel 2
Lincoln 3 SE Bedford 1
Park Kirwin Snotel 11
Park Blackwater Snotel 9
Park Younts Peak Snotel 4
Park Beartooth Lake Snotel 4
Park Evening Star Snotel 3
Park Timber Creek Snotel 2
Park Marquette Snotel 2
Sublette Pocket Creek Snotel 11
Sublette Big Sandy Opening Snotel 8
Sublette Gunsite Pass Snotel 8
Sublette Larsen Creek Snotel 6
Sublette Triple Peak Snotel 4
Sublette Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel 4
Sublette Snider Basin Snotel 2
Sublette Boulder Rearing Station 2
Sublette 14 NW Pinedale 1.1
Sublette Kendall Ranger Station Snotel 1
Sublette Loomis Park Snotel 1
Sublette 9 N Daniel 0.5
Sweetwater 5 N Farson 2
Teton Jackson Hole-Rendezvous Bowl 10
Teton Grand Targhee Snotel 8
Teton Grand Targhee-Chief Joseph 8
Teton Jackson Hole-Raymer 8
Teton Togwotee Pass Snotel 7
Teton Togwotee Mountain Lodge 6
Teton Phillips Bench Snotel 6
Teton Jackson Hole-Mid 5
Teton Gros Ventre Summit Snotel 2
Teton Grassy Lake Snotel 1
Teton Snow King Ski Area 1
Yellowstone Two Ocean Plateau Snotel 10
Yellowstone Parker Peak Snotel 5
Yellowstone Sylvan Lake Snotel 4
Yellowstone Lewis Lake Divide Snotel 4
Yellowstone Sylvan Road Snotel 3
Yellowstone Snake River Ranger Station 2
Yellowstone Thumb Divide Snotel 2
Yellowstone Yellowstone East Entrance 1
Yellowstone Canyon Snotel 1

 Tuesday evenings upper air analysis and satellite photo indicate the cold upper low/trough is still to the west of Wyoming

Over the next couple days the forecast models are moving the trough and associated unsettled weather east across the Northwestern U.S..  This will maintain periods of snow showers over much of Western Wyoming which could produce several more inches of snow.  The forecast precipitation for the period Tuesday evening through Friday shows much of the heavier amounts will be near the higher terrain

By Thursday evening the trough is shifting eastward  into the Central States with a lessening of snow chances toward the weekend across Western Wyoming.