Coldest Morning in Two Years

Coldest Morning in Two Years

With ideal conditions, temperatures plummeted to lows colder than they have been since early February 2011 in much of the Star Valley area.  Following is a list of recorded minimums around the area this Thursday morning beginning with the warmest.

Willow Creek Snotel 8400′          4
Salt River Summit     7600′          4        
Star Valley Ranch                      -8
Alpine                                       -13
Bedford                                    -14
Smoot                                       -15
Etna ES                                     -16
Thayne ES                                 -17
Afton                                          -18
Box Y                                        -20
Etna 2NW                                  -21
Etna 2NE                                   -23
3N Cokeville                              -25
and the coldest unofficially was  -28 near Auburn.

Here is a photo of a temperature taken on a truck sensor this morning near Auburn


 Continued mostly clear skies, light winds and snow cover assure a couple more cold night.

Riverton Forecast Office has issued a weather briefing into early next week.