Star Valleys Natural A/C

Star Valleys Natural A/C

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Star Valley climate is the natural air conditioning  that is available in the summer months.  The windows closed in the morning  and open again at sunset will generally keep the interior temperatures at comfortable levels.  The past few days the Star Valley A/C system has been on display.  Due to the clear skies, light winds at night and a very dry air mass, temperatures drop rapidly overnight.  Ranges from maximum in the afternoon to minimums at sunrise are exceeding 50 degrees at some of the valley stations.  Following are a couple graphs from the Double L Ranch station which is along the Salt River northwest of Etna and the Star Valley Ranch weather Station.

The graphs trace temperature and humidity for the past several days up until this Monday morning, July 22..

Double L Weather Station temperature and humidity.

Star Valley Ranch Station temperature and humidity

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