Tuesday Storm Summary

Tuesday Storm Summary

A series of thunderstorms pounded parts of Star Valley with heavy rain, lots of hail, strong winds and intense lightning Tuesday afternoon and evening.  The first round raced across the Thayne/Star Valley Ranch region around 2:30pm with the following photo taken at the intersection of Muddy String and the Thayne/Bedford Road. This storm produced wind gusts to 49 mph at Thayne ES and 46 mph at the Star Valley Ranch station.
The second storm which also produced hail up to half an inch in diameter affected much of the same area around 3:30pm.
Then the final, probably the most intense hail and wind storm hammered the south portion of Star Valley Ranch and particularly the Lost Creek Development.  The hail and wind stripped leaves and needles  from the trees and shredded the gardens.  Following are some photos taken Wednesday morning from a Lost Creek Home
Morning after hail accumulation

Squash plants stripped
Leaves stripped

Beneficial rainfall fell throughout the valley.

Star Valley Ranch                  1.15
Star Valley Ranch Vista Rd    1.03
Thayne 1SE                             .86
Afton                                       .79
Thayne ES                               .73
Smoot                                      .61
Etna 2NE                                 .59
Alpine                                       .49
CakeBread Ranch                    .48
Smoot 7S                                 .44
Double L Ranch                        .38

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