Wyoming Receives Major Drought Relief

Wyoming Receives Major Drought Relief

In the past 30 days almost all of Wyoming has received above to well above normal precipitation, making a big impact on the drought conditions of the past couple years. The following map displays the total precipitation that has fallen over Wyoming from September 5- October 5 2013.

30 Day Precipitation

A large portion of Fremont County has received in excess of 5 inches with close to 10 inches in the higher mountains. In excess of 5 inches has also been observed in the higher elevations of Northern Lincoln County.  At Star Valley Ranch in excess of 4 inches was measured.

This next map shows the percent of normal for the same period.

30 Percent of normal precipitation

From the Wind River Mountains eastward across Fremont County from 200 to 600% of normal precipitation has occurred,

The Drought map for the state of Wyoming as of October 1st follows:

Since this map was created another major storm has occurred over much of central and eastern Wyoming further lessening the drought conditions.

The following table shows the percent of the state of Wyoming that was in varying degrees of drought conditions going back a year.

Steady improvement is noted,particularly in the last 3 months.