Star Valley escaped the extreme cold that was observed overnight in many areas of the Mountain West, thanks to a thin blanket of low clouds and moisture.  While much of the valley was below zero, the coldest observed so far near Smoot, with  -13, it was considerably colder in other areas.

Following is a map of minimum temperatures around the Star Valley area as of 7 am Thursday.

Minimum temperatures Thursday December  5 ,2013

Note just across the mountains at the Box Y Ranch it was -23F.

Around the region there so far have been many readings  between -25 and -35F, with the coldest being  a
-42F at Peter Sinks UT, a historically frigid high elevation valley near Logan Pass.

Minimum temperatures of -25  F or lower on December 5, 2013

Peter Sinks -42F occurred during the evening after there was  sufficient mixing and/or clouds  to keep it from falling further!