Monday Morning Minimums

Monday Morning Minimums

The protective clouds that prevented Star Valley from dipping  to the cold levels experienced in other portions of Wyoming the last few nights, dissipated Sunday evening.  As a result the coldest readings thus far this Winter Season(not officially Winter yet!) occurred across the Valley this Monday morning.  Following are the observed lows as of 8AM Monday December 9, 2013

Thayne ES                  -23
Double L Ranch          -22(could be colder as last reading was 4am)
Smoot                         -20

2 miles northeast Etna  -19
Cake Bread Ranch      -18

Etna ES                       -17
Alpine                         -15
Star Valley Ranch        -14
Afton                          -13

Other nearby minimums of interest

Bondurant                    -34
Big Piney                      -23
Jackson Airport            -20
Idaho Falls Airport        -19
 Pocatello Airport          -13

The most notable cold morning was at St George Utah where the minimum dipped to zero after receiving 6 inches of snow over the weekend!  Looking back through the record books,  the last time St. George hit zero or below in the month of December was 1909 and for any month 1937.

St. George UT December 8,2013