More Snow for Star Valley and Probably Some Rain

More Snow for Star Valley and Probably Some Rain

The recent storm dropped from 4 to 8 inches of snow across Star Valley with upwards to a foot or more in the nearby mountains.  A very moist air mass is heading toward Western Wyoming  from the Pacific in a strong northwesterly flow.  This can be seen on this Monday evenings water vapor image

Water Vapor Image Monday evening Nov 24 2014

While it is a generally mild air mass, snow will continue to be the predominant precipitation type in the mountains, with the snow becoming mixed with rain at times in the valleys during the day on Tuesday.

The forecasters at the Weather Prediction Center of the NWS  are predicting substantial  precipitation amounts over much of the mountains of the Northwest States.

Three day total of precipitation ending  Thursday evening November 27 2014

A detailed forecast for snow totals over the next 3 days  across Wyoming display the large differences dependent on the relationship with the higher terrain.

3 day forecast snow totals ending Thanksgiving evening November 27 2014.

Of interest will be the strong winds over and on the east side of the mountains in the down slope flow during the day, Tuesday.