First of the Season Down burst Winds Effect Star Valley

First of the Season Down burst Winds Effect Star Valley

Thursday afternoon high based cumulonimbus clouds moved north across Star Valley. Very little rainfall reach the ground as the bases of the clouds were about 10,000 feet above the valley floor. Much of the precipitation evaporated as it fell through a quite dry air mass. However strong downburst winds developed as the precipitation evaporated.

With the availability of several high quality web cams in the Valley the event was followed as it moved north from Afton to north of Star Valley Ranch.

The first image was taken by Matt Hales as the clouds approached Star Valley Ranch from the south.

The downburst including blowing dust was captured in a video from Kip Wilkes Cam in the West Hills west of Afton

The next video was from the Cam located at the Public Works building on Star Valley Ranch
The rapid evaporation of the precipitation is noted

Finally a north view from the Cam located at Lori Arnolds, home, just south of Bedford documented the blowing dust as the event progressed north across Star Valley Ranch on the way to Alpine.

While all the weather stations only reported just sprinkles of rain, wind gusts to 42 mph were observed at Star Valley Ranch and Thayne Elementary.  Likely even stronger gusts occurred but did not impact any of the weather stations in the Valley