Star Valley Storm Precipitation Totals

Star Valley Storm Precipitation Totals

The three day storm has moved on east leaving substantial amounts of precipitation over a large part of the intermountain west. Locally in Star Valley rain turned to snow early this morning with the greatest report 3 inches just south of Smoot and about a half inch or so in upper reaches of Star Valley Ranch.  Following is the 3 day rainfall totals around Star Valley.

Afton                      2.43
5 SE Smoot            2.43
Star Valley Ranch  2.03
2 S Bedford            1.73
1.5 SE Thayne        1.71
Thayne                    1.42
Alpine                     1.42
Etna                         1.34

In the nearby mountains

Willow Creek Snotel    3.00
Cottonwood Snotel       2.40
Salt River Summit         2.00

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