Final Snowfall Totals for Tuesday Storm and Peak Wind Gusts in Lincoln County

Final Snowfall Totals for Tuesday Storm and Peak Wind Gusts in Lincoln County

National Weather Service Riverton WY
0104 PM MST Wed Feb 08 2017

The following are snowfall reports from midnight Tuesday morning
until midnight Wednesday morning for Lincoln County. Some reports are over a 24-hr
period ending at 7am Wednesday morning. Peak wind reports are 24-hr
reports from 9 pm Monday until 9 pm Tuesday.

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. Not all data listed are considered
official. SnoTels (Snow Telemetry) are remote sensing sites in high
mountain watersheds. Snowfall data from SNOTELS are estimated based
on snow water equivalent.

*** Snowfall Reports ***

Location                              Snowfall
Lincoln County...
 Indian Creek Snotel...              32 inches.
 Willow Creek Snotel...              23 inches.
 Blind Bull Summit...                23 inches.
 Blind Bull Summit Snotel...         22 inches.
 Commissary Ridge...                 22 inches.
 Spring Creek Divide Snotel...       20 inches.
 Cottonwood Creek Snotel...          17 inches.
 Box Y Ranch...                      15 inches.
 Salt River Summit Snotel...         15 inches.
 Kelley Ranger Station Snotel...     14 inches.
 Hams Fork Snotel...                 12 inches.
 Star Valley Ranch...                11 inches 
 2 SE Thayne...                      10 inches.
 Alpine...                            8 inches.
 Afton...                           6.5 inches.
 3 SE Bedford...                    3.2 inches.
 5 SSE Smoot...                       2 inches

...Lincoln County...
Mt Coffin                    159 MPH   0600 PM 02/07   10870
Kemmerer Airport             60 MPH    0850 PM 02/07   7285
Thayne                       54 MPH    0851 PM 02/07   5928
15 NE Cokeville              54 MPH    0800 PM 02/07   8470
Cokeville                    51 MPH    0822 PM 02/07   6191
4 NE Thayne                  47 MPH    0849 PM 02/07   6217

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