Star Valley Winter Weather in Review and A Look Ahead to April

Star Valley Winter Weather in Review and A Look Ahead to April

March is typically the last month of true winter in Star Valley, even though snow remains on the ground into April and likely will still possibly fall at times into May and even early June, the higher sun angle brings an end to those cold days of winter.

This past winter appears to be a more typical one with a lack of real persistent cold  and near or a little greater than normal precipitation.

Interesting to compare the local temperature ranges in Star Valley.  As an example it is well known by inhabitants that it is colder along the Salt River than in the somewhat higher elevation of Star Valley Ranch.  This past winter reflects that difference where the weather station at Star Valley Ranch had only one subzero morning when the mercury dipped to minus 6 on December 23rd..  In stark contrast the same morning the weather station at the Double L Ranch along the Salt River northwest of Etna recorded -27 as did the Afton airport(unofficial reports of -31 north of Grover).  Even more surprising while Star Valley Ranch had only one subzero morning all winter the Double L had 26 below zero mornings!

As of the end of this March 169 inches of snow had been measured at the Star Valley Ranch Cocorahs station.  At the same time last year the total was 220 inches. The final total for last year was 248 inches.

Following are some graphics providing a more general overview of Wyoming  weather conditions  this past  winter.

Much of Western Wyoming including Lincoln County has had above normal precipitation. It has been quite dry east of the mountains where it typically is dry anyway during the winter.

Drought Monitor March 31, 2018

Only the southwest border areas have any signs of drought, unlike Utah and Colorado southward.

6-month departure from normal Wyoming temperatures

Much of Wyoming except for the northern counties have had a milder than normal winter.

Taking a look ahead into April the forecast continues the trend of this past winter with warm across the southern states and cold still across the northern plains. Wyoming is expected to be near normal.

April 2018 Temperature Forecast


Forecast precipitation for April 2018


The first part of April is for wetter and a little cooler than normal across Wyoming

Precipitation forecast for April 7-13 2018


Temperature forecast April 7-13 2018