Snow Heading for Western Wyoming

Snow Heading for Western Wyoming

A long stream of moisture that originated in the sub-tropical Pacific is on track to bring a period of snow to western Wyoming over the next couple of days.  The GOES 17 satellite video clearly shows the pronounced cloud band  currently moving onshore in the Pacific Northwest.

The National Weather Service in Riverton is forecasting several inches of snow through  Wednesday

Snowfall  amounts are always difficult to forecast a couple days in advance.  An effective method is using probabilities to reflect the confidence in  snowfall accumulating to certain depths.  The following are two of those forecasts for the chances of snowfall reaching 4 inches and 8 inches  respectively.

Chances of snowfall of 4 inches or more through Thursday evening

Chances of snowfall of 8 inches or more through Thursday evening

As of Monday evening no watches or warnings are in effect in Western Wyoming, but that could change by Tuesday as the system approaches.