January Weather Summary-SNOW

January Weather Summary-SNOW

Snow was the operative word for Star Valley for January 2020. At Star Valley Ranch there were only 4 days in the entire month when no snowflakes were observed.  This was not the case over much of Wyoming as noted in the map of days with .01 or more for the month.

Number of days with .01 inches of precipitation January 2020


With the exception of Northern Lincoln County(Star Valley) north to Yellowstone. precipitation days were limited for the month.

The greatest January  precipitation  in the area was recorded at the Willow Creek SNOTEL site with over 9 inches of water content in the snow that fell.

Willow Creek SNOTEL precipitation January 2020

In nearby Star Valley the greatest  amount reported was 4.16 at Star Valley Ranch.

Precipitation at Star Valley Ranch January 2020


The precipitation at Star Valley Ranch was all snow totaling over 70 inches for the month.

Snowfall at Star Valley Ranch January 2020 70.5 inches

Bedford 3SE has a longer period of record and while  1977 was snowier this January was close behind.

Bedford 3SE January snowfall

Some other snowfall charts in the area follow:

Afton snowfall January 2020
Thayne snowfall January 2020


Swan Valley snowfall January 2020


Temperatures in January were not particularly cold, partly due to the persistent clouds and their insulating affect

January 2020 minimum temperature departure from normal

The coldest observed was -14  at the Double L Ranch on the 10th. However at Star Valley Ranch the lowest was 2 above also on the 10th of January

Lastly examining the January departure from normal of precipitation for the Western U.S, the area of Star Valley stands out with above normal  surrounded by drier conditions.

January 2020 departure from normal precipitation