Summer Rainfall Report-Star Valley

Summer Rainfall Report-Star Valley

Summer 2022 in Star Valley, as during summer of last year, experienced an extended very dry period. Basically,  July this year was bone dry while last summer virtually no rain was observed all of June into the middle of July.  Both years the monsoon moisture from the south provided much need showers and storms during August.

Precipitation totals for August 2022

Precipitation Totals Summer 2022


Following is a list of observed precipitation across Star Valley, for the summer(June-August) as well as the month of August:

Station                         August           Summer

Double L Ranch            4.50             6.27

Nordic Ranch                 3.98             5.87

Stone Fly Ranch            3.42              4.90

Star Valley Ranch          3.12               4.85

Smoot 5 S                        2.96              4.85

Thayne 2 N                      2.81               4.14

Thayne 1 SE                     1.95               3.92

Afton                                  2.09             3.58

Bedford 3 SE                    1.96              3.47

Crow Creek                      1.91               2.47