Star Valley 2022 Precipitation Summary

Star Valley 2022 Precipitation Summary

Overall it appears that the Star Valley area ended  with near normal precipitation including snow for 2022.

Following are observations of precipitation and snow at  locations around the valley.

Location                    Precipitation(in)               Snowfall(in)

Star Valley Ranch    24.70                                     201.6

Bedford                      22.72                                     189

Smoot                         23.83                                     211.5

Afton                           19.49                                     116

Thayne                       21.83                                      165.8

Star Valley Ranch monthly precipitation graph clearly show the dry February and July and the wet and snowy November and December.



Around Wyoming for 2022 the west was generally near and above normal.

The wettest was vicinity Yellowstone National Park  northward into Montana with a major contribution from the flooding storms that occurred early in the summer