Snowfall Totals this Winter up to March 5th

Snowfall Totals this Winter up to March 5th

Needless to say it was been a snowy winter across all of Star Valley.  While there are still a couple months for additional snowfall, it is of interest to see where total since October 1st are currently.

Typical View at Star Valley Ranch where snow depth is around 45 inches.

Following  are the totals of both snowfall and precipitation for the water year 2022-23 around the valley as of March 5th


Location                     Snowfall(in)          Precipitation(in)

Smoot 5 SSE                   220                    12.63

Star Valley Ranch          203                    14.05

Bedford                            182                    12.81

Thayne                             173                     11.70

Nordic Ranch                 154                     10.92

Afton                                132                     11.69


For comparison the town of Jackson measured 83  inches of snow


The following graph depicts the snow across Star Valley from Oct 1 2022 to March 5 2023