New Thayne Web Cams

New Thayne Web Cams

The Wyoming Department of Transportation continues to expand the web cam coverage across the state.  The most recent additions include cams located just south of Thayne.  These cameras look both north and south and also down to monitor current road conditions.

The link to see these cams directly is

Thayne Web Cams on US89

Another recent addition to the web cam network is at a site named Raymond.  It is located about 2 miles north of the US89 US 30 intersection some 12 miles north of Cokeville. Here is the link to access this 3 cam site

Raymond WY Web Cams on US89

These new cams are included on the Web Cameras link on

Following is a map of the active cameras as of 4/5/13 on over the state of Wyoming and vicinity.  The active cams at any time will change as they temporary drop off  the network or new ones of interest are added.

Web Cameras active as of 4/5/13    

 As of 4/5/13 there are over 140 cams included on the Web Camera site. 

The Web Camera link on has significant archive and viewing capabilities.  This can be reviewed in the blog of November 3rd 2012.

Weather Camera Capabilities