Star Valley Davis Weather Stations

Star Valley Davis Weather Stations

It has been almost 3 years since the first Davis weather stations were established in the Lower portion of the Salt River Valley,  There are currently 7 Davis stations on-line and the potential for a couple more being added by this winter.  Here are the active links to each of these stations as well as their locations and how far back the record for each is available.

Etna Elementary School             October 13 2010

Etna Elementary School

Thayne Elementary School         October 25 2011

Thayne Elementary School

Star Valley  Ranch                     April 17 2011

Star Valley Ranch

Corral Canyon Ln (2 NE Etna)     December 6 2011

Corral Canyon Ln(2 NE Of Etna)

Double L Ranch(2 NW of Etna)     July 30 2012

Double L Ranch(2 NW Etna)     

Cakebread Ranch(3 N of Thayne)  August 16 2013

Cakebread Ranch(3 N of Thayne)

Afton August 2013


The Etna station has the only continuous record since its establishment in October of 2010.  While Thayne ES was established in October 2010 technical issues precludes the continuous record prior to October of 2011.  The Star Valley Ranch station was moved to its current location on top of the Town of Star Valley Ranch Public Works building on August 10 2011.  Prior to that it had been located in our back yard on the Ranch where wind measurements were greatly reduced due to surrounding trees.

Since Etna ES has the only complete record   the following are the graphs of maximum and minimum temperatures for every day since October 10, 2010 at the Etna station.

In the almost 3 years of record, the highest temperature at the Etna station was 97.1 on August  8 2012.  The coldest was  -25.1 on February 2 2011.  The highest wind gust was 60 MPH on November 16, 2010.

If anyone would like to be able to access the past records for any of these stations, including graphs just contact me at [email protected].