Star Valley Ranch Downburst

Star Valley Ranch Downburst

For the 2nd time in a week downburst  winds rolled across Star Valley this Friday afternoon. The only weather station detecting strong winds was again Star Valley Ranch where peak gusts to 46 mph was measured at 3:16 PM. Additionally hail to the size of mothballs was reported just south of Star Valley Ranch on Alford Way.

Following is the wind gusts and temperature graph for the Star Valley Ranch weather station for today, Friday July 22nd.

Blue peak wind gust-red temperaature Friday July 22 2016

Thanks to the location of the web cam located south of Bedford which monitors the Star Valley Ranch area, the series of relatively small storms could be observed  crossing the area.  The first one produced the observed 46mph gust at Star Valley Ranch. Another gust above 35mph accompanied the next thundershower.

The frame of the cam about the time of the 46mph gusts follows.

Bedford 2S web cam image about 3:15 PM 7/22/16