March 2019 Star Valley Weather Summary

March 2019 Star Valley Weather Summary

March 2019 was another wet, snowy month in Star Valley with the only extended dry period occurring during the middle of the month.  The snow pack continued to build,  reaching a season high of 40 inches at Star Valley Ranch on March 9th. However with cool temperatures and continued periods of snow the later half of March, there was still 2 feet on the ground at Star Valley Ranch on March 31st.

Here are the graphs of snowfall  for the following stations in March 2019

Star Valley Ranch snowfall March 2019


Afton snowfall March 2019
Thayne snowfall March 2019


Bedford snowfall March 2019
Smoot 5SSE snowfall March 2019


While snow has been on the ground consistently since the first week of November 2018, it is interesting to compare this winter with the last snowy winter two years ago.

Comparison snowfall at Star Valley Ranch 2016/17 to 2018/19

While above normal this winter, two years ago was even snowier at Star Valley Ranch.

The coldest period was the first week of the month.  The coldest observed was a -8 at Double L Ranch on the mornings of the 3rd, 4th and 5th.

At Star Valley Ranch the coldest was on the 4th at 2 above. The warmest temperature was at Double L Ranch with a toasty 57 on the 31st.  Star Valley Ranch topped out at 52 on the 22nd.

Afton temperatures were reflective of Star Valley with temperatures generally with out extremes


Afton daily temperatures March 2019


Across much of Wyoming March 2019  was wetter than normal except across the northern areas where it was drier.

March 2019 precipitation departure from normal


Wyoming temperatures generally averaged  below normal for the month.

March 2019 temperatures departure from normal