How Cold Was It?

How Cold Was It?

Under a clear sky and fresh snow pack, temperatures have been quite cold the past couple of mornings.  However just how cold depends on location.  The valley floor along the Salt River typically is the coldest under these conditions and this morning was no exception.

Minimum temperatures Wednesday Dec 18 2019


The lowest observed was at the Afton airport with -18, with The Double L Ranch in the lower valley right behind with -17.  It was possibly even colder at locations like Auburn, but there are no weather stations reporting from Auburn. There was an unofficial report of -19 at Strawberry Creek.


Star Valley Ranch which is located about 300-400 feet above the valley floor was balmy by comparison.  The reading only hit zero at the station located at the Town Office, while in the higher elevations of the Ranch it was  3 above.


It was colder other valley areas of Western Wyoming such as Bondurant at -23 and Cokeville -25.


Warmer air has moved into Wyoming above the valley inversions.  As an example the weather station on Mt Coffin at 10,500 feet  bottomed our at 15 above zero!


Skiers today will find warmer conditions at the beginning of their run than the end!