Warm Weather Arrives Star Valley This Week

Warm Weather Arrives Star Valley This Week

After a brief setback to early spring this weekend  which saw snowfall up to 3 inches Saturday morning, a major pattern shift will take place bringing summer like temperatures later this week.  This shift can best be seen in the series of 500 mb charts showing a major upper ridge replacing the current low pressure trough  over the area.

500 mb Analysis Sunday morning
500 mb Forecast Tuesday
500 mb Forecast Thursday
500 mb Forecast Saturday


This will lead to temperatures  well above normal by the end of the coming week over the Western States


Temperature departure from normal for Thursday May 28 2020


Forecast Maximum temperatures Friday May 29 2020

The coming week for Star Valley  will see temperatures warming to near or .above 80F by Thursday likely continuing into the weekend.


The outlook for the period through next weekend is temperatures well above normal across the entire region.

Temperature Departure from Normal Friday May 29 2020 to June 2 2020