Summary of Star Valley Snowfall February 2021

Summary of Star Valley Snowfall February 2021

February 2021 was a snowy one for Star Valley and much of Western Wyoming. Following are snow totals for several locations around Star Valley.

Star Valley Ranch                     81 inches

Thayne                                        75 inches

Smoot                                           71 inches

Bedford                                        69 inches

Nordic Ranch                              67 inches

Afton                                             43 inches

Star Valley Ranch  as of the first of March has a winter total 0f 167 inches with the deepest measured on February 20th  of 46 inches.


This February was the snowiest  in the past 5 years at Star Valley Ranch.

2021      81 inches

2020     66 inches

2119      63 inches

2018     32 inches

2017      41 inches


The February  2021 map of percent of average  precipitation for the State of Wyoming shows Lincoln County fared well with upwards of 200 per cent of normal.

Percent of average precipitation for February 2021

The same can be said for the current water year beginning on October 1st.

Percent of normal precipitation since October 1 2020


Much of Wyoming has been drier than normal this winter.  Lincoln County is an exception.


Possibly the La Nina jet stream pattern could  be a factor for the prolong snow period in Star Valley, and the very cold weather east of the Rockies.

The following is the pattern during a La Nina  which was in place this past month.

Typical La Nina Weather Pattern

The strong polar jet is located across Wyoming directing a series of weather system across Star Valley.  There was measurable snow for 11 consecutive days at Star Valley Ranch, beginning on the 12th. Star Valley was protected by the Rockies keeping the bitter cold to our east.