Supercell Thunderstorm Visits the Tetons

Supercell Thunderstorm Visits the Tetons

Supercell Thunderstorm visits the Tetons.

Late afternoon on June 12, 2013 a Supercell Thunderstorm developed over the upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho and rapidly moved east across the Tetons and the Jackson Hole region.  Though no tornados were reported(and likely did not develop) this storm was a classic Supercell as seen both through the photographs taken and the radar signatures.  Jim Woodmencey(Woody) of has provided a couple excellent blogs on his web site with the photographs and other interesting meteorological observations associated with the Supercell.  The photo of the day was taken from Snow King looking west at the approaching storm

Here is a link to Woody’s blog concerning the storm.  Be sure to check out the blogs on both June 12th and 17th.

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