2013 Star Valley Weather Summary

2013 Star Valley Weather Summary

There are currently 5 Davis weather stations that have been providing data for over a year in the lower valley portion of Star Valley.  Following is a map of those stations which also includes the Cakebread site where observations have only been available since last summer.

Davis weather stations currently available online

The following are the annual summaries for these stations

Star Valley Ranch
Thayne Elementary School
Etna Elementary School
Double L Ranch
2 Miles northeast of Etna

None of these stations have a complete record of precipitation as it is very difficult to measure snow.

The one currently available record of how much precipitation occurred during the year was from Star Valley Ranch

This is the total rain and snow for the year at Star Valley Ranch

For the state of Wyoming the following graphics are available for 2013
Total Precipitation in 2013

Percent of Normal Precipitation 2013