Mild Weather Dominates Through Mid-December.

Mild Weather Dominates Through Mid-December.

After experiencing record cold in the month of November the large scale weather pattern has once again changed.  Result will be for the next week or so unseasonably warm conditions over much of the country along with a welcomed very wet period long the West Coast.

The temperature outlook for the period from December 10-16 from the CPC is expecting  very mild  over much of the country centered over  Wyoming.

For the same time period very wet conditions are expected along the west coast.

The latest model total forecast of precipitation which covers  the period from December 4-20 is for as much as 15 inches in the Pacific Northwest with generally just around an inch or less in western Wyoming.

What this portends for Star Valley is daytime temperatures well above freezing with any precipitation predominantly rain or wet snow.  Snowpack in the nearby mountains will likely not increase only gradually through the middle of December.

The normal temperature for Bedford and Star Valley as can be seen from the above climatological graph are near freezing in the afternoon and in the teens at night.