November 2019 Weather Summary

November 2019 Weather Summary

After experiencing the coldest October on record, November was for the most part exceptionally mild and dry across Star Valley and surrounding areas.  As an illustration the October minimums in Star Valley bottomed out at -10 F near the end of the month at Bedford 3SE with essentially the entire valley dipping below zero.  For the month of November which typically sees progressively colder temperatures, there were no sub-zero minimums reported.

Afton temperature and precipitation graphs for November shows the steady warming at the first of month to above normal with colder air along with the only real precipitation arriving at the end of the month.

Afton November 2019 temperatures
Afton Precipitation November 2019

Following are some observed data from Star Valley for November

Star Valley Ranch maximum 60 on the 9th, minimum 7 on the 26th with 1.44 precipitation and 21.7 inches of snow.

Thayne maximum 62 on the 9th, minimum 1 above on the 26th with .94 precipitation  and 15.7 inches of snow

Bedford maximum was 58 on the 9th and low of 7 on the 26th.

Afton airport hit 59 on the 9th and 20th and a minimum of 1 above on the 26th.  Snowfall in Afton totaled 17.2 inches with total precipitation of 1.38.