Drought Buster in Star Valley?

Drought Buster in Star Valley?

Thundershowers were widespread across Star Valley Wednesday afternoon and evening providing most areas the greatest rainfall since May or in some cases much longer.  While there were isolated substantial amounts which are quite beneficial, much more is needed before any drought conditions can be overcome.  However the current upper air pattern is transporting monsoon moisture into the area from Mexico, Arizona and Utah.  This will continue the daily development of mainly afternoon and evening storms through the weekend if not longer. Again some of the storms will produce localized very heavy rainfall resulting in temporary  flooding of low spots on highways and normally dry washes.


300 MB Analysis 6am July 29 2021


Following are the reports of rainfall for the past 24 hours ending this Thursday morning.

1.61    6 miles south of Alpine

1.29    2 miles west of Nordic Ranch

1.18    1.5 miles south southeast of Thayne

.90     3 miles south southeast of Bedford

.80    Crow Creek southwest of Afton

.77   Thayne ES

.72    2 miles south of Bedford

.41   Star Valley Ranch

.41   Etna ES

.40   Willow Creek SNOTEL

.35   Afton

.13   Alpine Airport

.10   Cottonwood SNOTEL

.08   5 miles south southeast Smoot