Monsoon Moisture Brings Beneficial Rains to Star Valley

Monsoon Moisture Brings Beneficial Rains to Star Valley

After a very dry July, a surge of monsoon moisture from the south fueled heavy rainfall and thunderstorms  across Star Valley Friday and Saturday. Impressive rainfall totals occurred with the following reports.

Etna 3 E                        2.16

Star Valley Ranch       2.13

Double L Ranch          2.10

Nordic Ranch              2.02

Alpine Airport             1.87

Afton                              1.74

Crow Creek                   1.40

Bedford 3SE                 1.33

Smoot 5SSE                  1.05

Thayne 1 S                     1.01

Below is the radar storm total from  the Pocatello Doppler radar as of 8PM Saturday.

The purple colored region is 1.5 inches and greater, with upwards of 2.5 inches in the blue areas. Significant amounts also occurred over and near the Teton Range.

Some significant flash flooding occurred down Prater Canyon in Star Valley Ranch.

A couple photos Sunday morning show the large rocks that were deposited at the Prater Canyon trail crossing.

Photos provided by Susan Hales


Saturday evening a strong line of thunderstorms  crossed the Lower Valley producing wind gusts as high as 52 mph at Star Valley Ranch.  The squall line was captured by a couple photos.

Photo provided by Bob Davis located just south of Thayne


Looking north from the Bedford area toward Star Valley Ranch