Another Wet Month

Another Wet Month

May 2019 was another wet month with well above normal rainfall across all of Star Valley.  Over the past 3 months the total precipitation has averaged well above normal as shown on the map below:


Percent of normal precipitation for March April and May 2019

The one obvious exception was the Big Piney region which has been very dry with less than 1 inch of precipitation so far in 2019.

For the month of May 2019 Star Valley and nearby areas again have been wet.  The following map shows the total amount of precipitation for the month of May at observing points in Star Valley and nearby mountains.


May 2019 observed precipitation Star Valley Region

Only the Alpine area did not have any reports available(observer needed in Alpine)

The largest total for the month was at the Willow Creek SNOTEL site with 5.30.  Close behind was the observer in the higher area of Star Valley Ranch with 5.27. As a contrast Big Piney on the other side of the mountains only reported .25!

There was some snow in Star Valley early in the month with the greatest monthly total from the station 5 miles south of Smoot  with 9 total inches.  Star Valley Ranch measured a total of 6 inches with 1.5 inches in Thayne.


It was extraordinarily wet in the Southwestern portion of the  West for the month of May.

Percent of Average Precipitation for May 2019